The winners of The Winning Summer Game 2021

Thank you all for your participation in our Winning Summer Game !   A quick reminder : From July 6 to August 31, look in the sand for the different hidden objects ! Win up to 50.000 tokens and also by drawing of lots : a sport camera, a $50 Walmart gift card, a drone […]

The winner of the Flag Hunt Game 2021

Thank you all for your participation in our Flag Hunt Game !   A quick reminder : From June 11st to July 2nd, look for the flags hidden in the Wannawin’s pages to win up to 100,000 tokens, and an Android Smartphone in the final Draw !   The draw has been made ! Congratulations […]

Best sports betting sites in Canada

One of the most important reasons why sports betting sites are in demand and such a hit is because people are living a fast-paced life. People today do not have much time to spend here and there. Now you can get the¬†best sports betting sites canada¬†sitting at the comfort of your home itself.   Sports […]

Are High Variance Slots Worth It?

When browsing through online casino offerings, the players are presented with plenty of choices not only in terms of game genres, but also the types of games available within the same genre or category. As you probably know already, certain slots offer more mini-games, multiplier triggers, and bonus rounds, while others are stronger in the […]

The winner of the Victoria Day Game 2021

Thank you all for your participation in our Victoria Day Game !   A quick reminder : From May 13 to 31, answer the question of the day by finding the right answer to win up to 100,000 tokens ! And get a chance to win a $100 cash prize !   The draw has […]

Online Poker: Is There a Secret to Winning?

Online poker is a fantastic game that many different players enjoy, but there is no denying that it is a game that can appear to be difficult to win. It is not uncommon for people to wonder if there is a secret to winning. Is this true?   How Can You Win at Poker? Unfortunately, […]

Betsson strengthens position in Latin American market

Swedish iGaming operator Betsson is expanding its operations to the Latin American market. The company, which is already an established brand across Europe and Central Asia, is opening to new markets in the United States and Latin America among others.   Betsson owns over 20 gaming brands and offers casino games and sportsbook products in […]

Top two most-entertaining and biggest progressive jackpot slots at Canadian online casinos

Not many people are aware that when slot machines were in their early days, the prizes delivered by them used to be in the form of flavoured chewing gums! And the best one could hope for was to score his/her favourite flavour! These games have come a long way since that time, and the best […]

Should The Online Casino Feel Under Pressure To Reinvent Itself?

In recent years, the gaming industry has made some changes that have phased out the old and introduced the new. In fact, between the introduction of advanced and powerful new consoles to the near-complete takeover of digital content, it looks as though 2021 is already preparing to represent a defining moment in history for the […]

The winner of the Easter Game 2021

Thank you all for your participation in our Easter Game !   A quick reminder : From april 9th to april 30th, look for the Easter eggs in the pages of Wannawin, win up to 120.000 tokens and an Android tablet by drawing lots !   The draw has been made ! Congratulations to Andrea […]