A new game for consoles is coming from Electronic Arts, named “A Lost In Random.” Developed by Zoink. While there is no release date yet, its launch date is sometime around the end of this year. And EA just released a fresh new trailer giving us the feel of the artwork and gameplay.


Story Revealed

Lost In Random are a fantasy action and adventure type of game. And like with every other fantasy-type game, it is the magic world that is the most intriguing. The story, the weird characters, the artwork. The theme of this magic kingdom (and the game) is exceptional: the role of chance and possibility. Because in the magic kingdom of Random, everyone’s fate gets determined by a roll of a dice.

At the age of 12, every child gets a roll from the dark Queen’s dice. Depending on the number, their destiny is forever determined. When Odd roles a 6, she will spend her life in the Queen’s palace and be separated from her sister Even. Fearing her sister is, in fact, in danger, she even embarks on a mission to save her sister.

Her companion in the quest is a big white die named Dicey. Like rolling dice on Canadian casino online websites, where you can win prizes or lose your bet, the people of Random play for the outcome of their existence, which is where their friend comes in place.

Together these two will travel across all of Random and meet many interesting characters along the way. But there is danger ahead! The evil Queen who controls the fame of everyone in Random with her black dice is determined to stop Even at all costs. Will Odd rejoin her sister, or has the Queen gotten herself a new servant?


A Gothic Adventure Like no Other

What is essential to get done right in games like this is the feel and artwork of the game. But the gameplay is also important. The trailers, of course, look amazing, but we don’t get to see a lot of gameplay in it. From what we can see, it seems like a mix of strategy and action, including third-person combat with some melee and ranged attacks. And sometimes Dicey can help as well.

The world is dark, gothic, surreal. It has a kind of a Tim Burton feel to it. Most buildings are dark and tall, all of the creatures are unique, with many having a “scary in a good way” vibe. And, of course, it is full of dice-themed landscapes. But, all in all, it looks pretty good and exciting.

Once again, we didn’t see much of the gameplay in trailers. The game doesn’t even have a release date yet, so we can assume there is still a lot of work to be done. But one can see that the developers put their heart and soul into the project, really wanting to hit that gothic adventure aesthetic. And the story is unique. So when the game comes out, you should most likely give it a try and see where it takes you.