TransAct Technologies Inc is a global technology leader in various industries from casino and gaming, POS automation to foodservice. In addition to that, TransAct Technologies work in the oil and gas industry. TransAct is engaged in designing, developing, market, and all other steps in making and selling printers under few brand names like Printrex, Epic, and Ithaca. TransAct sold over 3,3 million printers and terminals to casinos all over the world. TransAct is an award-winning company in the design and manufacture of Casino and Gaming printers. The newest addition to the TransAct family is Epic Edge TITO printer.


Casino Hardware for Better Player Experience

This Epic 950 casino printer uses robust Epicentral 4.0 software. With this, casino operators can easily print promotions and offer from the slot machine in real-time. With hundreds of players, simple casino machines like Roulette need quality devices to provide high-quality service. Slot machine players hate pale prints or appliances that don’t even have paper in the printer and don’t give you a coupon at all. Epic Edge casino TITO printer has 300 DPI unparalleled print resolution that creates sharp barcodes and eye-catching graphics. Casino visitors love to have some souvenirs from live casinos, and Tito printer and Epicentral software will allow operators to surprise players with real-time rewards in various forms. Based on player consumption, casinos can reward them individually.


TITO Epicentral 4.0 software has various benefits for users and casino operators. Casinos can run multiple promotions simultaneously, reach un-carded players, generate a wide variety of different reports. Tito software will allow to promote to various levels of carded players and manage player comps. In addition, casino operators can quickly redeem, reprint and print promotional coupons on multiple locations in the casino at the same time.


Epic 950 Technology

This Tito Epic 950 printer comes with a dual-port, secondary port that allows operators to print customized promotional coupons to each slot machine connected to the Epicentral software system. Build-in technology enables the TITO printer in all-new modern slot machines and older versions of the games. In addition, users can connect a printer with the serial cable to older devices via USB or Netplex to new understandings.


Jam Free Bezel is Ticket Burst technology that allows printing and bursting of each ticket before it goes to the client. This kind of technology maximums up time and authorize the jam-free transaction. The efficiency of this printer lies in its capacity of printing, and it can make from 200 to 600 or 800 tickets. In addition to the high printing capacity, Epic Edge allows the game to stay connected and running when a paper gets swapped. With printing speed at 5 inches (125 mm) per second, this is one of the fastest printers on the market, and printer head life can go up to 43,45 miles (70 km).


TransAct is a manufacturer specialized in making high-quality printers for casino companies. They designed, built and adjust their printer, having the gaming industry in mind. Because of that, they supply most casinos around the world with equipment. Free firmware updates and support show that this company is customer-oriented and creates with them in mind. One full-functioning casino has many different industries and processes running from the background to provide high-quality service for great customer personal experience.