The winner of the Back-To-School Game 2021

Thank you all for your participation in our Back-To-School Game !   A quick reminder : From September 14th to 30th, enter our Back-To-School Memory Special to try to win an Android tablet !   The draw has been made ! Congratulations to Wayne Morrison who is the big winner of this game ! His testimony […]


How to bet on casino and sports using your smartphone

The gambling industry has changed forever thanks to advancements in mobile and banking technology. If you are seeking the thrill of a night at the casino, you no longer need to get dressed up, polish your shoes and take a taxi to your nearest venue. Modern casino players enjoy gambling on their favourite games from […]

TransAct Technologies Announces the Epic 950 Printer

TransAct Technologies Inc is a global technology leader in various industries from casino and gaming, POS automation to foodservice. In addition to that, TransAct Technologies work in the oil and gas industry. TransAct is engaged in designing, developing, market, and all other steps in making and selling printers under few brand names like Printrex, Epic, […]

Why Is China Cracking Down on Bitcoin

With bitcoin once again climbing above $40 000, the naysayers seem to be in retreat. And a little over a month ago, predictions that bitcoin will collapse if China continues its harsh policies against it were widespread. However, many pointed out that the crackdown will only temporarily affect the price (dropping it) and that bitcoin […]

A Lost In Random – A Different Take

A new game for consoles is coming from Electronic Arts, named “A Lost In Random.” Developed by Zoink. While there is no release date yet, its launch date is sometime around the end of this year. And EA just released a fresh new trailer giving us the feel of the artwork and gameplay.   Story […]

How To Bag Huge Wins At Online Casino Games

The popularity of casino games has increased in recent days. Some people even look upon it as a passive income. However, casino games are not easy at all. You need to devote countless amounts of time to research about casino games before you enter any paid game.   Almost every casino player aspires to win […]

How Live Casino Games Are Revolutionizing the Online Gambling Industry

Thanks to the widespread availability of high-speed internet and the technological advances which make them possible, online casinos have taken the gambling industry by storm. Indeed, the sector was valued at a whopping $53.7 billion in 2019 and is projected to enjoy a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% until at least 2027. But […]

Gambling and How to Manage Your Money

Do you love to gamble and play games online? No matter what your favorite game is, whether it is poker or online slots, you need to take care of your money. In other words, you need to have a gambling budget and know how to stick to it. This is going to make sure that […]

The winners of The Winning Summer Game 2021

Thank you all for your participation in our Winning Summer Game !   A quick reminder : From July 6 to August 31, look in the sand for the different hidden objects ! Win up to 50.000 tokens and also by drawing of lots : a sport camera, a $50 Walmart gift card, a drone […]

The winner of the Flag Hunt Game 2021

Thank you all for your participation in our Flag Hunt Game !   A quick reminder : From June 11st to July 2nd, look for the flags hidden in the Wannawin’s pages to win up to 100,000 tokens, and an Android Smartphone in the final Draw !   The draw has been made ! Congratulations […]