Playing at online casinos is hugely different from playing at a real-world casino. There are many different reasons for this but one of the main ones is that online casinos offer bonuses to players. There are a lot of different bonuses out there, which can often make it difficult to choose the right one for you.


Whether you’re looking at having a go at some table games such as poker or blackjack, or you want to play some of the industry’s best video slots, you could benefit from utilizing one of these casino bonuses. We’ve taken a closer look at the different bonuses that are available and the best ones to select for your needs.



Different bonus types

 There are a huge number of different bonuses available at online casinos. From standard welcome bonuses to no-deposit bonuses, players can get pretty much everything that they need when playing at an online casino. This can make it hard to choose the right one for you, so it’s important to know which bonuses are available.


A welcome bonus is normally awarded when players make their first deposit to a site. This will then award a bonus in the form of either bonus cash or free spins. Both can be used on different games that the site has to offer. However, the downside to a welcome bonus is that it requires a deposit to be collected. It will also have wagering requirements in place, which means that it has a slight negative both before and after it has been awarded.


A no-wager bonus is awarded to players without attaching any wagering requirements. These bonuses are quite rare, as most promotions typically have wagering requirements included. However, they do require a deposit to be made in order to claim them. This means that players who want to access this bonus will be unable to do so without making a deposit. These are almost always awarded as free spins.


A no-deposit bonus is a bonus that’s awarded to players without a deposit being made. This bonus is normally in the form of free spins to be used on different video slots, but it can sometimes be as a small amount of bonus cash. There are normally wagering requirements applied to these bonuses, but in rare cases they can be awarded wager-free as well.


The different types of bonuses all have positives and negatives to them, so for your needs it is important to understand what they are before you claim one.



Positives and negatives

 The welcome bonus has the negative that it requires a deposit, and it will have wagering requirements attached. This means that players must use their own cash to claim it and will then have to play through it a certain number of times before the bonus can be withdrawn. However, the positive to this type of bonus is that it awards a significantly higher amount than other kinds of bonuses you will find.


A no-wager bonus has the big positive that it doesn’t require players to play through the bonus before it can be withdrawn. So, players can just use the free spins and then claim any winnings that they get from them. However, they do normally have the requirement of a deposit in order to claim them and they normally have restrictions on how high the winnings can be. So, it might be capped at $10, which does not make this type of bonus hugely lucrative.


A no-deposit bonus has the negative of wagering requirements being attached. This means that players do have to play through the bonus multiple times before they can claim any winnings. However, they have the very big positive of there not being a deposit needed in order to claim it. This means that players can try out the site without having to use any of their real money to do so.



Which should you pick?

 Of course, online casinos offering bonuses means that they are much more palatable to casual players than a brick-and-mortar casino. However, this doesn’t mean that every bonus should always be chosen. When picking the right bonus for you, it’s important to look through the terms and conditions that are applied. If you don’t, there could be hidden terms that make the bonus a poor-quality one.


This is true for every type of bonus available. No matter what the bonus is, you have to check the terms and conditions first. However, once you have checked the terms and conditions, there is one bonus that stands out from all of the others.


The no-deposit bonus is the one that you should almost always choose. As long as the site hasn’t placed some incredibly unfair terms on it, which is extremely unlikely, the no-deposit bonus should always be claimed. This is because it is basically a free chance at playing. Even if you lose and don’t manage to achieve the wagering requirements, it hasn’t cost you anything at all.


This is why no-deposit bonuses offer better value than a no-wager deposit. Even with no wagering requirements, you could still end up losing the bonus that has been awarded to you. So, if you’ve made a deposit to get the bonus, you could end up losing money. With a no-deposit bonus, you can’t lose any money because you haven’t deposited any.



The Holy Grail

 There is one kind of bonus that stands out from all others, but it is also an incredibly rare bonus. The no-deposit, no-wager bonus. If you manage to come across this type of bonus, then it is definitely the bonus that you should choose. This is because it will offer you a bonus to use while playing at the site and you won’t have to achieve any wagering requirements with any winnings that you gain.


The level of bonus offered by this kind of bonus is almost always small, but it’s a great way to get used to the site at first without spending any of your budget. In fact, you can even boost your bankroll slightly if you get lucky when playing with your bonus.