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Lotto FAQ

How do we play at Wannawin Lotto ?

To win at this game, you have to fill up one to five grids. Choose the numbers of your choice + 1 extra number. Validate your grid(s). The first two grids are free. For each additional grids, 100 tokens will be debited from your account. You are free to choose how many grids you want to fill.

What will I win by playing the Lotto ?

You can win tokens and prizes as long as you have the right combination.

  • The first two numbers : 1,500 tokens
  • The first three numbers : 2,000 tokens
  • The first four numbers : 5,500 tokens
  • The first five numbers : 15,000 tokens
  • The six numbers : 25,000 tokens
  • The six numbers + extra : The big prize

Where can I see my grids ?

You can check your grids by registering into your personnal account, in the LOTTO section. You will be able to find the grids you completed in the last seven days and check if you won.

I validated my grid after 7:00:00 (EDT time). Will my grid be counted for today's draw?

No, Any grid validated after 7:00:00 (EDT time) will be counted for today's draw. However, you grid(s) will be validated for the next day's lotto.

I’m not the only one to have found the winning combination ( 6 and 6+1 only). What will happen with my prize ?

More than one member can win with the winning combination of six (6) and six + one (6 + extra). In that case, the value of the prize will be divided by the number of winners. For example, for a prize of a $200 value, if X wins with the winning combination and Y wins too, then, X will receive $100 and Y $100 (being $200 divided by 2, the number winners).

I won a prize. How will I Know it ?

Lotto winners will be advised by email. Winners will have to give a valid address and phone number. (by filling up "my profile" section on Winners will have 15 days to give those informations. After that delay, prizes will be canceled and winners will not be allowed to ask for any monetary compensation.

Can I see my previous grids ?

Absolutely ! You can find your grid(s) by registering into your account and by clicking on the lotto section tab. Your grid(s) will be available for a period of seven days after the draw.

I'm not from Quebec region. Until what time can I validate my grid(s) for today's draw?

Draws are made at 8:00:00 PM (EDT). To be eligible for today's draw, you need to validate your grid(s) before 7:00:00 PM (EDT). If by any chance, you validated your grid(s) after this time, your grid(s) will be counted for next day's draw. Here are the limit hours to validate your grid(s) depending on your living area:

  • Pacific Standard Time - British Columbia (PST Time) : 5:00:00 p.m
  • Rocky Mountain Standard Time - Alberta & Saskatchewan (MST Time) : 6:00:00 p.m
  • Central Standard Time - Manitoba (CST Time) : 7:00:00 p.m
  • Atlantic Standard Time - Nova Scotia, New-Brunswick and Prince-Edward-Island (AST Time) 9:00:00 p.m
  • Newfoundland Standard Time (NST Time) : 9:30:00