Most casino players will be well aware of the fact that individual casinos do not produce their own games. In a sense, casinos are somewhat like movie theaters. Just as theaters will show movies from Disney, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, and so on, casinos will house games from developers like Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, and the rest of the software developers.
Of course, you can have good and bad casino platforms just like there are good and bad movie theaters. But broadly speaking, the best casino platforms will house a range of casino games from top providers. Of course, players will argue over who the best providers are, much in the same way that gamers might argue over the best studios for video games. But having a large selection of games from different providers is usually what constitutes a superior online casino.


Understanding the traits of the developers is important

But, assuming that your online casino has a range of different developers on the platform, it raises the question of which games you should play. It’s an important question because many of the different software developers bring unique characteristics to the table. And knowing how they differ can help players decide on a strategy and arguably augment the gameplay experience.

To give you an example, let’s consider Pragmatic Play. It is arguably one of the world’s foremost casino games developers, and it is particularly popular with players in the United States and Canada. But one thing that characterizes a large portion of Pragmatic’s games is volatility. The developer even goes as far as giving its games volatility ratings out of five, with many rated as “extreme”. For players, there should be an understanding that these games can deliver big hits (wins), but there is a trade-off in terms of how often you win. In the simplest terms, some pragmatic games are high risk with (potential) high rewards.

Another example is Blueprint Gaming. The games from this provider tend to be medium variance, but there is perhaps a greater focus on gameplay more so than any of its rival developers. Indeed, Blueprint is known for taking elements of pop culture and incorporating them into its games. For instance, it has games based on the Rick & Morty cartoon series, and they can be seen as an extension of that television show. You can still win serious cash, of course, but the emphasis on player experience means that Blueprint games are uniquely suited to those (often low stakes) players who want to put the fun first.


Playtech has created an interconnected “universe” of games

We could also cite Playtech for having some idiosyncratic qualities. Playtech is the world’s largest casino software supplier, but it tends to operate within its own ecosystem. How does that affect players? Well, many Playtech games are linked together through jackpot networks and other experiences. A good example is Playtech’s vast series, Kingdom’s Rise. These games, which are broadly reminiscent of the fantasy worlds in Game of Thrones or World of Warcraft, are all interconnected, not just through jackpots but through characters, themes, maps (you can hop from one game to another), and its in-game tokens (which you can spend in a common shop).

Of course, we could cite many other developers for their distinctive characteristics. IGT, which provides many of the physical slot machines for the world’s biggest casino resorts, tends to focus on classic slots for its online portfolio. Big Time Gaming combines volatility with innovations like the Megaways format. Evolution Gaming is keenly focused on providing ‘real’ live casino experience.

The overall point is that you can learn about these traits before you play. Each has their own merits, and there is no “best” casino games developer in objective terms. But knowing that a game developer focuses on volatile games before you play can help you manage your bankroll a lot better. The literature is widely available online to explain all of these traits, and you will also find information on the casino sites themselves too. Take a little time and do some research, and your experience is guaranteed to be a better one.