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Sudoku how to play

Sudoku - How to play ?

The rules of sudoku are very simple. A classic Sudoku contains a grid of nine rows and nine columns, thus 81 boxes in total.

The grids are divided into 3 levels: easy, medium and difficult sudoku. Access is free and unlimited. Each correctly completed level can earn you a certain number of tokens.

sudoku easysudoku mediumsudoku dificult


The goal of the game is to fill these boxes with numbers ranging from 1 to 9, always making sure that the same number appears only once per column, only once per line, and only once per square of Nine boxes.

sudoku grid


At the beginning of the game, twenty figures are already placed and you have to find the others. Indeed, an initial grid of correctly constituted Sudoku can only result in one and only one solution. To find the missing numbers, everything is a matter of logic and observation


You can use a help, by clicking on the puzzle piece. Select the textbox and click on the hint. If the selected box appears in red, the number entered is wrong. If the box appears in green, you have entered the correct number.
Be careful, you only have 10 clues per game!


sudoku grid filled


Once your grid has been completed, click on the 'I Validate' button. If all the numbers on your grid are good, you will earn points.