Total : 298.29$


Rice Cooker

The revolution about rice cookers has come. Cook your rice perfectly, or other foodstuffs with its spare units. Once done, the 'heating' function is on to keep your  food warm 'till diner. 

Nutrition Hair Care Duo

 Nutrition Hair Care duo gives to best to your hair. Nourishing and treating the shampoo and conditioner work together to moisturize, clean and nourish your hair. Nothing will be better than silk, smooth and glossy hair.

3,25 CHP xTerra Folding Treadmill

 To actually do your new year's resolutions, the folding treadmill is your best friend. To put away under the bed or in a wardrobe nothing is more easy. You can choose over 10 programs for the best training and its puls monitor gives you the control on everything you'll do. 

TomTom Start 5’’ GPS

 TomTom Start GPS is becoming the king of the GPS. The 5'' touchscreen allows you to properly see the indicated road. With the last technology, this GPS indicates where the gas is the less expensive, tells you the cities name and update the traffic conditions automatically. 

4GO xBox 360 Console

 The 360 xBox will make you play ever longer than before. Its 4Go hard drive allows you to download more games; the Wi-Fi and its HD quality make this the perfect gaming partner. 

Buff & Brighten By Caudalie

 Buff and Brighten by Caudalie is the perfect duo to restore the radiance and refine skin ton. It will correct and uniform your skin by giving it a smoothness and a sensation of softness. 

Muscat des Papes de Beaumes-de-Venise

 The Rhône Valley (France) muscat des Papes Beaumes-de-Venise gives a deep golden yellow color and floral scents, muscat and honey perfume with a sweet and sugary taste. 

Men’s Watch by Calvin Klein

 Honey won't have anymore excuses to be late with theCalvin Klein men's  watch. 

Massage Chair

Massaging all your body from head to toes.

‘ The price is right ’ game

« Win 500 Wannawin tokens »

The game ‘ The price is right ’ will make you 500 Wannawin tokens. To do so, drag and drop three articles of your choice amoung nine in your basket and valid your answer. 



The Game is open to everyone who has reached the legal age of its respective province at the time of entering the contest. Employees of Wannawin or their immediate family members and people living with them cannot enter the contest. To the rules, ‘ immediate family ’ represents fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, childs, husbands and wives of an employee or a representing worker.


How to enter

No purchase is necessary. Contestants simply have to respect the eligibility requirements. The start of the Game will be announced on website. The member will have to fulfill a basket by playing with the proposed articles combinations to reach a prefixed budget. The budget will be updated each day at 0:00 AM (EAST TIME). The participations to the present Game is unlimited. The members will encouraged to invite friends to participate at the Game.



The member has to its disposition one clue for each proposed article. The clue will bring the member to the site’ home page of the said article. The member finding the right price with the good combination of articles will win 500 Wannawin tokens.



The members who find the right price of the day or of the moment are automatically eligible to receive a 500 Wannawin tokens credit. The price will be given under conditions of the game rules respect.

The organizer company keeps the right to publish, whatever the way, for advertising communication or else, on the website and Wannawin’ Facebook page, the name of the winners and this, without any interjections or requirement of any consideration of the winner, except if he drops the claiming of his prize.


Prizes Description

A prize will be given for each mentioned websites.

  • : 500 Wannawin’ tokens

Everything not mentioned as included in the prize will be to the charge of the winner.

Wannawin has the right to replace the Prize for another one of the same value or to give the same value in money for any given reason as mentioned in the general rules section.

/! Wannawin declines all responsibilities and would not be responsible of any price changes from the brands or merchants stores represented in The Price is Right, from any desperation of articles and/or pages on the websites in The Price is Right.