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Rules of the game

‘ From Word to Word ’ game

« Win a 100 Wannawin tokens lot »

The game ‘ From Word to Word ’ will start on April 30th 2013 at 0:00 Am (EAST TIME) and will on the will of the organizer company at 11 PM (EST). (Here after the «Game»).


The Game is open to everyone who has reached the legal age of its respective province at the time of entering the contest. Employees of Wannawin or their immediate family members and people living with them cannot enter the contest. To the rules, ‘ immediate family ’ represents fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, childs, husbands and wives of an employee or a representing worker. 

How to enter

No purchase is necessary. Contestants simply have to respect the eligibility requirements. The start of the Game will be announced on website. The member will have to draft, amoung a serie of 10 letters, the ones chosen to get the longest word. The participations to the present Game is unlimited. The members will encouraged to invite friends to participate at the Game. 


The member finding the right word will win 100 Wannawin tokens. 


The members who find the right word of the day or of the moment are automatically eligible to receive a 100 Wannawin tokens credit. The price will be given under conditions of the game rules respect.

The organizer company keeps the right to publish, whatever the way, for advertising communication or else, on the website and Wannawin’ Facebook page, the name of the winners and this, without any interjections or requirement of any consideration of the winner, except if he drops the claiming of his prize. 

Prizes Description

A prize will be given for each mentioned websites.

  • : 100 Wannawin’ tokens

Everything not mentioned as included in the prize will be to the charge of the winner. 

Wannawin has the right to replace the Prize for another one of the same value or to give the same value in money for any given reason as mentioned in the general rules section.




How to play?

To win in this game, you have to find a 10 letters word, placed randomly, who will be proposed to you. Drag the letters of your choice to form a word and valid your answer. You aren't sure of your answer ? Move, removed and put back new letters ! If you find the right word, you'll automatically win 100 Wannawin tokens!