When it comes to any online casino, there is one game type that outstrips any other in popularity: online slots. Slots have always held a special place in the hearts and minds of casino players. From the oldest land-based versions to the latest online casino slots, these games are sought out time and time again.

The appeal of these games is clear. Unlike some table games that require a thorough understanding of the rules and some degree of strategy, slots are simple. Simple and fun. Anyone can play an online slot in a matter of minutes. Yes, these games may vary slightly but they all follow a simple standard of spinning to win. So, while these games offer simplicity and the thrill is all about taking a chance on your luck, why does the game design matter so much?

What do players look for in an online slot?

As we have already seen, players that seek out online slots aren’t looking for an overly complex game. Online slots are a game of chance and players are seeking a way to make this an even more enjoyable experience. With literally thousands of slots to choose from, the design matters so much as developers are keen to get you playing their games.

Players are seeking fantastic graphics, immersive gameplay, and a great soundtrack so that they can truly lose themselves in the moment. On top of this, players are playing to win. This means that they want games where there are free spins on offer, the chance of impressive jackpots, and even a storyline in the mix. Bringing these elements together is what makes for some of the greatest and most popular online slots that exist.

The greatest online slot?

To make an example of what has been said in terms of game design, it is worth taking a look at what is arguably the most popular online slot of all time. Released in 2010, NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest may be over a decade old, but it is still extremely popular. Why? It has all of those points that we have considered thrown into the mix making it a classic game to play at any online casino.

The immersive gameplay is there from the start, with the cartoon style introduction allowing us to meet the Spanish explore Gonzo as he starts his quest to find the city of gold. The graphics see 3D animations and the soundtrack gives a subtle jungle effect with gentle music and tweeting birds. There is also the chance to win up to 2,500 times your stake so the ability to win a decent jackpot is also here. This online slot ticks all of the boxes.

The developers behind the games

These famous online slots are not featured in the best online casinos by chance. It is the developers at companies such as NetEnt, Play ’n Go, and Microgaming that produce these classic games. They understand the wants and needs of online players and you can see this in the design of every game that they release. It is the talent of these companies that will see the design of online slots evolving and will ensure that there are always great new titles in the future.