Depending on the type of live dealer casino game you play, there are different strategies you can implement. For instance, poker is a game notorious for strategy, skill, psychology and body language. Therefore, we could do an entire article on poker strategies.


While today we will be giving you the basics, our primary focus will be to see how it compares to the strategies when playing other table-based casino games, such as blackjack and roulette. If you’re looking for a reputable online casino to apply some of your strategy, this Ontario casino online is one of the leading names for table-based games.


What is a live dealer game?

A live dealer game is an online table game in which a croupier oversees each round. Of course, you have variations of these games that aren’t live games, so to be clear, games such as virtual roulette or poker are not live dealer games. This is because they use computer software and algorithms to generate each round, and no live person is handling the bets for you.


If you’re playing online, the croupier may sometimes operate from a land-based casino, and the wheel may be live from one of the active tables. Sometimes, live dealers will have a specific room to communicate with players on a live chat. They keep the game dynamic and energetic by talking between rounds, keeping you and your fellow players involved and interested.


The live dealer casino games with the most effective strategy

As mentioned in the introduction, poker is a game that incorporates high levels of strategy. It is also often the casino game in which strategy is the most effective. People may discuss having a perfect roulette or blackjack strategy, but these games are almost entirely based on luck.


There can be an element of strategy to blackjack, but it is complicated to master and often requires a specific set of criteria. Roulette, however, is a game of luck. Unfortunately, even though roulette is widespread and plenty of websites purport to have a strategy that works, this isn’t the case.


Theoretically, the number 17 could come out 12 times in a row, or there could be a run of 23 red numbers that get spun. It doesn’t change that the same odds apply for the number 17 to come out again or a red number to be drawn. It is a game of mathematics and probability, and although you can use roulette strategies with a higher chance of success, in the long run, this doesn’t mean you are more likely to win.


One of the best tips to keep uppermost in mind is that there’s no strategy you can use to ensure you walk away from the game with more money than you started with. However, by keeping your experience light and providing you aren’t viewing the game as a source of income, you’ll be able to enjoy the game, and that’s the whole purpose – entertainment.


Why does strategy work in poker?

Since you are playing directly against another player, the importance of having the right blend of mentality, knowledge and impassive features can take you an awful long way. Some professionals take up the game later in life and quickly find out they have a skill that exceeds the average player, and turn it into a lucrative career for themselves.


Some professional poker players make millions of dollars a year because of their ability to implement excellent strategy into their game, with many calling the bluff of players who have stronger hands, because they are so adept at the psychology and process of the game.


Plenty of books about poker strategy dive deep into the psychology of bluffing and how to bluff your way through a game. Learning the rules of the game is always a good idea as well, obviously.



 Knowing the odds of the game you’re playing is a fantastic way to develop an effective strategy. For example, in poker, it is important to understand that royal flushes, flushes, four-of-a-kind and full houses are what you want to aim for. If you land any of these hands, you know you have a much higher statistical chance of winning the game and can adjust your strategy accordingly.


If you’re playing blackjack and the first two cards you receive total 10 or 11, you can hit knowing that there’s no chance of going bust, and you could land a high hand with a good chance of winning. However, taking another card is not a good strategy if you draw 18 or 19 with the first two cards, because you’ll likely go bust. Like most things, once you understand the rules, you can develop a plan.