Sports betting is gaining more traction in 2022, thanks to mobile betting technologies. Today, you do not need your PC to place sports wagers because you can easily do that via your smartphone.

As the market grows, we are seeing new punters join, which is why we have prepared this guide. If you are trying sports betting for the first time, you shouldn’t feel lost. To get started on the right footing, it is important that you learn everything there is to learn about sports betting.

This blog post highlights the best tips for having a successful sports betting experience in 2022. Read on to ensure that you do not lose money from ignorance or lack of understanding.


Start By Setting Achievable Goals

We can all agree on one noble truth – that the primary goal in sports betting is to make money, and experience a dash of fun, of course. For this reason, professional punters will tell you that income is the objective.

However, it is difficult to consistently make money from sports betting without the background information on how the market works. It would help if you took the time to set your goals before risking your money.

When setting your goals, be very precise on which sport you want to focus on, where you will gather your information from, which bookies you will sign up with, and how much money you are setting aside for your sports betting journey.


Sign-Up with Reputable Betting Sites

Your success in sports betting will partly be influenced by the bookie you chose to place wagers with. It is, therefore, important to choose the most appropriate betting site for your needs. This odds Shark Canada sports betting guide can help you find a good sportsbook.

It features safe and trustworthy bookmakers, many of which have welcome bonuses. That said, there are several factors that you should consider when selecting the best online betting sites. These factors of consideration include:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Profitability of odds
  • Supported payment options
  • Reliability of customer support
  • Sports betting markets covered
  • Safety and security
  • Availability of mobile betting

If your preferred sportsbook checks out, you can proceed to create an account, make a deposit and start wagering.


Redeem Welcome Bonuses and Offers

Online sportsbooks tend to be very generous with their bonuses and offers, especially to new signees. You should really consider redeeming these welcome bonuses as they allow you a chance to get started with a substantive bankroll.

The welcome package can contain a myriad of offers including free bets, a deposit bonus, or a deposit match bonus. If you are hesitant about risking your money, claiming the bonuses will allow you to wager using the casino-gifted credits before you get the confidence to stake your own money.


Set A Betting Budget for Yourself

Sports betting is, well, a form of gambling. As such, the activity might pose a great risk to your finances, especially if not checked. It is crucial that you set a clear betting budget before getting started with sports betting.

The rule of thumb is that you should never stake more than you can afford to lose. For a starter, having daily, weekly and monthly budgets will offer some form of cushion. Once you have set your budgets, you should then commit to sticking by them. Avoid chasing profits and losses. In other terms, learn to be content.


Learn the Basics of Sports Betting

You can agree with me that there is a manual to literally everything, including sports betting. You cannot blindly get into sports betting and expect to make money. If your eyes are on the bigger picture, then investing in knowledge acquisition is out of the question.

There are numerous sports betting markets, and to beat the sportsbooks, you need to have a deep understanding of how each market works. Some of the common and most prevalent markets include money lines, totals, props, futures, parlays, and live betting.

Once you have studied these markets, you will have the confidence it takes to place winning wagers.

In addition, it is also important that you learn how to calculate profits from odds given by the bookies. This means having an understanding of the relationship between odds, probability, and profits/losses.


Master Emotional Detachment

Gambling is a pretty emotional endeavor, largely because of the money, time, and energy invested. However, being too emotionally attached to sports betting can be quite detrimental. When we get too emotional, we tend to make irrational judgments and decisions.

This is especially so when you are having a losing streak. One can easily get riled up and decide to chase the losses, hoping to at least recover what they have already lost. In most cases, you might end up losing even more, sadly.

If at all you want to become a professional sports bettor, you should master emotional detachment. This is closely linked to having a budget. If you are comfortable with losing a specific amount of money and you stick to your budget, you will have an easy time accepting the outcomes.


Focus on a Specific Sport

As a starter, it is advisable that you focus on a specific sport. Wagering on too many sports is not a path you want to pursue – it is too early for that. You can’t be a master at everything, and my guess is that you want to become a master in sports betting.

The easiest way to get there is by directing all your time, energy, and resources to one sport. The more time you spend analyzing a sport, the better you get at profiting from its wagers. This is typically the best strategy for sustaining a consistent cash flow in the long run.

Be sure that you have exhausted your sport of choice before moving to another sport for betting purposes.



While sports betting might pose some degree of risk, one can equally profit handsomely by doing it the right way. If you are looking to make sports betting one of your revenue streams, you should begin treating it like a profession like any other. That means investing your time and energy to acquire the necessary knowledge and expertise. Once you have learned what you need to learn, put the knowledge to practice, and you are good to go!