We’ll get the boring public service announcement out of the way first, and then we’ll dive into ten ways you may bet responsibly while still having a good time.


Competitor Searching

Free dinners, hotel rooms, and entertainment are just some of the “comps” you can receive from a casino. This has the potential to yield substantial savings, and securing such benefits has been called “an art form.” 

Still, it’s always nice to walk away with something after you’ve visited a prominent gambling destination like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. As thrilling as it is to save hundreds of dollars by clipping coupons and stocking up on food for free, receiving hundreds of dollars in freebies can be by using one of the many periodicals or websites that exist to help comp hunters.


Making an Attempt at an Exotic Dinner

You may expect various cuisines in a gambling mecca like Macau or Las Vegas. If I make it through a session at the casino without losing everything, I use the winnings to try new cuisine. This is how I first became enamored with French food, and multiple visits to Via Brazil Steakhouse in Las Vegas had me thoroughly enjoying learning about South American cuisine.


Give It a Spin, Meet Some New People

People who go to casinos often do so because they are lonely and have nothing to do with their time. A lot of elderly slot players probably feel lonely because they’ve lost touch with their friends and family and spend hours at a time alone with their machines and cigarettes. 

I try to avoid it whenever possible, and one way I do this is by stopping to chat with my slot-machine-playing neighbor after each spin. This reduces my total playing speed and opens me opportunities to meet new people.



You can try this out in the comfort of your home or go to a casino for the whole experience. I take a 30-minute break every hour I play to try a new alcoholic drink. If you’re only playing for a couple of hours, it’s OK to try a few different mixed cocktails each night. Because of this, I had my first Apple Martini, and taking a break from the tables to do so will help you double down on your losses. 


The Gentle Art of Flirting

A wide variety of entertainment options are available inside a land-based casino besides gambling. In addition, not all of them require financial outlay. Flirting with people of the opposite sex, whether they work there or are clients, is one of my favorite ways to break the ice and have fun. 

Just ensure your attention is never unwanted, overpowering, or could lead to an altercation. I begin with a bit of talk and some innocuous compliments. I was trying to be smart about how I used my time at the casino, not trying to grab anyone’s number or anything like that.


Turn Your Session into a Game

Sometimes I suggest a friendly wager with a friend before we even enter the casino. Each of us will begin the evening with an equal bankroll, and the winner of our side bet will be the person who remains the night’s winner with the greatest money. It’s an excellent tactic for slowing down your game and keeping your bets reasonable, but a lucky player could still win the bet by simply striking the jackpot.


Transforming Your Underground Retreat

These days, many men have a special space in their house for their “boy stuff,” and there’s no reason why women can’t do the same. Creating a casino in your man or woman cave is a great way to get the pleasure of gambling without going into debt. 

You can buy some used slot machines for fun and entertaining guests. Connect your computer to a large-screen television for a more immersive online gaming experience. Having a gaming session at home eliminates the need for expensive trips and gives you a reason to host friends and family for a fun night.


Give Yourself a Treat

Setting a time restriction before beginning a game session has been a habit of mine. I limit how much I’m willing to lose before making any purchases. If I finish a session with extra cash in my pocket, I like to use it to reward myself by purchasing something I’ve had my eye on. 

In one recent session, for instance, I started with $200 and ended with $250 after a self-imposed time limit had elapsed. I went to Amazon and ordered a few Blu-Ray movies that I’ve been anticipating as a reward for being so disciplined (and lucky).


Increase the Scope of Your Gaming

People like things to be somewhat predictable, so they frequently return to the same activities. The same holds for casino gambling, as one can quickly get stuck playing the same old slots or roulette and miss out on all the other exciting games and betting options available. 

If you’re looking to mix things up at the casino, always play at the lowest limits and switch to a new game every time you visit. The latter strategy helps you keep your session as responsible as possible while limiting your losses as you get a feel for the game. If you adopt this style of play, you might also discover some new favorites, giving you even more freedom to experiment.


Take Advantage of the Free Option

In contrast to brick-and-mortar casinos, where free play is uncommon outside of comps, most online gambling offer play-for-free versions of their games, and these sites are ranked by CasinoReviewers paypal. Though less extensive than when playing for real money, you can still find today’s most well-liked games. 

Playing online for free and real money is not the most responsible or frugal thing to do, so I recommend alternating between the two. You won’t have to risk a large sum of money, and you can try various games without committing to anything permanent.

I get that “fun,” and “responsibility” don’t usually go together, especially when discussing gambling.