In recent years, the online streaming market has been booming enormously. People show how they make music or how they prepare meals. But especially popular is the streaming of gameplay. Casino gaming is especially enjoying increasing popularity. Watching an online casino streamer while gambling, means being a part of the whole. Although you do not play, you have a similar experience without any risk of losing money.


Casino Streaming and how it works

Casino streaming means broadcasting your own gaming activities live on the internet. The games shown here depend on the preferences of the respective streamer. Predominantly one will find here however slot machine streamings. However, there are also streamers which stream roulette or blackjack gameplay.

The slot machines are but especially in the focus. These games are in contrast to card or table games very fast and rapid. With the table and card games, as for example Blackjack, it depends above all on the strategy. Since it is almost impossible to concentrate on the game at the same time while the streamer tries to entertain its audience on the Internet, loss is almost inevitable here.

The casino streamers show both the game on the screen and themselves while explaining the flow of the game. Thus one experiences the emotions live. The casino streamers are becoming more and more popular because the viewer can simply sit back and relax. Excitement, game, thrill and fun are guaranteed here. However, it is not necessary to invest your own cent. In this way, casino streamers provide the perfect entertainment.


A lot of variety thanks to exciting events

If you think it could be boring to watch others play, you are mistaken. Immediately the spectator is seized here by the thrill. The top casino streamers provide a lot of variety, for example with the “Bonus Hunt”. The slots are played here only until the free play mode is reached. Then the streamer immediately changes the game.

Now he tries to trigger the special rounds at another slot. At a later time the Free Games will be played one after the other on all machines. Often it comes to enormous profits. Especially in the free rounds the top yields are thrown out. Not infrequently, additional bonus rounds are also activated. The results are often unbelievable winning runs, which fascinate the passive spectator.


The number of streamers is steadily increasing

At Twitch and YouTube the number of active streamers is increasing more and more. Bit by bit, players from all over the world come to these two platforms and offer great live streams. Many of them already had a channel on YouTube. Here they have often already posted their winning videos. In Sweden and Norway, the live streams have become an integral part of many people’s lives.

CasinoDaddy is the biggest casino streamer from Scandinavia and has currently more than 21.000 followers on Twitch. The community is very large in the north of Europe. But also in Canada, America & Russia there are a lot of streams with many thousands of viewers.


The Top 10 most popular streamers


# 2 – Xposed

# 3 – CasinoDaddy

# 4 – ClassyBeef

# 5 – Bidule

# 6 – stevewillsendit

# 7 – Taourrr1030

# 8 – JugiPelaa

# 9 – Jarttu84

# 10 – Daskelelele


How fans benefit from streaming

Casino streaming always ensures that you can experience a real thrill without having to take any financial risk yourself. Usually many channels offer a close community. In a chat a lot can be communicated here. The followers talk about random things during the game, or there are lively discussions about what is happening on the screen. Everyone in the community feels a great sense of belonging.

Others follow their idols for another very good reason, they try to learn and learn as much as possible about a particular casino game. So the streaming also ensures that the viewers can learn in peace how the different games like roulette work. They also learn which functions pay off well. In addition, many viewers can quickly see whether this is a game that they find interesting and which they would like to play themselves.


This is why Casino Streaming is so popular

For the casino streamers, streaming opens up many new possibilities. It probably all started simply with people having fun streaming. However, the streamers realized pretty quickly that with the casino streaming can also earn money. Basically, almost every online casino streamer has a few favorite online casinos.

These casinos are advertised during the streaming. This works by offering customized bonuses, bonus codes and welcome packages. Now if someone uses the bonus code, or starts to play via the steamer’s link, the streamer receives money for it. This so called affiliate marketing business model is a win-win-win-situation for everyone – the streamers, the casino owners and of course also for the players.