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The winners of the Astro Game 2019

The winner for the Pisces Cycle

winner pisces cycle 2019

" That is wonderful! I have been using Wannawin for several years and I look forward to it every day. Keep up the good work. "

The winner for the Aquarius Cycle

winner aquarius cycle 2019

" Yay!! Thanks!! "

The winner for the Aries Cycle

winner Aries cycle 2019

" Wow I am very surprised! I am very grateful for this wonderful fun website and thank you for the prize "

The winner for the Taurus Cycle

winner Taurus cycle 2019

" Wonderful ! Thank you a lot ! Unbelievable ! "

The winner for the Gemini Cycle

winner Gemini cycle 2019

The winner for the Cancer Cycle

winner Cancer cycle 2019

" Wow!!! Thank you so much. "

The winner for the Leo Cycle

winner leo cycle 2019

" I never win anything from I am surprised, love the contest. Astro game is one of my favourite game."

The winner for the Virgo Cycle

winner virgo cycle 2019

" I am very glad to be able to win this wonderful prize and thank you very much "

The winner for the Libra Cycle

winner libra cycle 2019

" Thank you so much you made my day... "

The winner for the Scorpio Cycle

winner scorpio cycle 2019

" Thank you very much for drawing my name for the Astro Game."

The winner for the Sagittarius Cycle

winner Sagittarius cycle 2019

" Wow!!! How exciting!!!! Thank you so much!!! "